We can do it!

This year sees the biggest push yet to reduce the University’s environmental impacts as we enter the last year of our initial 35% carbon reduction target. Whether it’s energy, waste, water or travel, every unit of energy we use counts and the best thing is, we know this target is achievable!

Over £3 million has been invested over the past 4 years in energy efficiency projects generating cumulative savings of almost £10 million in total and achieving a 26% reduction in our emissions. Further projects this summer will add significantly to this reduction. The 35% is in reach!

To hit the target though, we need staff to play a pivotal role in helping to reduce the amount of energy wasted on campus. Over the 2014 Christmas closure period we spent £70,000 on electricity alone and in November our Blackout event identified 76 tonnes of CO2 that could be saved in just 19 of our buildings by switching off unnecessary equipment at the end of the day.

Click the link above to see what you can do to make sure we get to the big 3 5!

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